A couple of weeks ago, I was running late for work. As the morning was not bad enough I realised I was getting my periods and therefore needed to buy some tampons mucho presto. So, I ran into my favourite pharmacy/drugstore near work to get some. Easy. I have been a good customer of this company. To be perfectly honest, this is the only company with which I have a loyalty card that I actually use. (This is probably another topic for another day). I…Continue Reading “The problem with customer surveys”

If you have created a new website or re-branded, you need to start sharing the news and gaining momentum towards the launch. By preparing a campaign ahead of the launch date, sharing updates and gathering the interest of influencers, you will increase your chances to create the Hype and leverage your audience when your launch date comes. A launch campaign should come in 3 phases: The pre-launch The Launch The Post-launch PRE-LAUNCH: Starting your campaign ahead of your launch date In preparing your website or…Continue Reading “Creating a Launch Campaign”