A couple of weeks ago, I was running late for work. As the morning was not bad enough I realised I was getting my periods and therefore needed to buy some tampons mucho presto. So, I ran into my favourite pharmacy/drugstore near work to get some. Easy. I have been a good customer of this company. To be perfectly honest, this is the only company with which I have a loyalty card that I actually use. (This is probably another topic for another day). I…Continue Reading “The problem with customer surveys”

In recent months, I have have been increasingly interested in hearing various female entrepreneurs and thought leaders talk about their personal and professional journeys. They are all so varied in colours and experiences, and I find it is always so inspiring to learn about the steps, turns and challenges that have led them to be the leaders they are now.  Especially, as I have been putting a lot more thought – and effort – in trying to gain a clearer picture on my own values,…Continue Reading “Leadership: From a place of Good”

If you have created a new website or re-branded, you need to start sharing the news and gaining momentum towards the launch. By preparing a campaign ahead of the launch date, sharing updates and gathering the interest of influencers, you will increase your chances to create the Hype and leverage your audience when your launch date comes. A launch campaign should come in 3 phases: The pre-launch The Launch The Post-launch PRE-LAUNCH: Starting your campaign ahead of your launch date In preparing your website or…Continue Reading “Creating a Launch Campaign”

Alicia Kemp, Fashion Category Executive for AMP Capital Shopping Centres; Antonia Leigh, who has worked closely with Alicia Kemp as a Fashion Marketing Creative through her eponym business Antonia Leigh PR and Zara Bryson, WA-based super star stylist and co-founder of the Peach & Pineapple Co. Agency were brought together by the Fashion Council of WA to talk about the experience and thoughts about the evolution of the retail landscape, especially in WA.   I loved the dynamism and wealth of experience that each speaker brought…Continue Reading “The Evolving Retail Landscape: Finding Your Best Fit”

When making a plan, any king of plan, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start, and how to end up with an actual plan. As a assistant brand manager, I came across the V.O.S.T. template. This template include the following hierarchy of strategy implementation: Vision Objectives Strategy Tactics Also quite straight forward, I have found as a consultant than the template can become quite confusing due to to each level’s labeling. First, we often use strategy a overall name, when here it is…Continue Reading “Making a plan – the Vision/Goals/Objectives/Steps template”

Christmas is upon us. It has been a really hectic year, filled with weddings (2 of my own), travel, family, breakdowns (figuratively and littrally), incomprehensible politics and so on… Meanwhile, creative seem to have created even more beautiful designs, art and inspiration and I hope the world still go round for another year. Now let’s slow down, enjoy connections with beloved friends and family, and make new resolutions that we shall try to keep, at least for the Month of January.   Morgane

With a change of direction for the jewellery styles and ranges, I needed to reflect this new approach with the seasonal catalogue. I decided to adopt a more modern size, using a square format as opposed to the traditional A4 Portrait format. This allowed for more dynamism in displaying the various ranges, and made it easier to carry the book aroung. I also adopted a collection based approach (vs. colour based or type of jewellery based) in order to increase storytelling and ongoing content creation for the…Continue Reading “New Catalogue template”

In small businesses, marketing plans can be overlooked in favour of other ongoing operational pressures. However, this tool can enable any business, no matter how small they are, to better understand their positioning, brand image, and implement the steps for a considered and well thought growth. As a small business, the key risks when working on such documents are to make the research too wide, so wide that the time and effort put into the research do not match the actual operational requirements of the business,…Continue Reading “Developing a Marketing plan – Where to start”